Monday, 21 May 2012 scams Mistress Onyx by pretending to be her for 2 years Admin scams slaves posing as Mistress Onyx – Mistress Candi

Well who the heck is Mistress Candi? Let me see.. she has my photo and my old Phone Extension ID. sucks ! Fake Mistress Onyx Account
Fake Mistress Onyx Ad Created by Talksugar Admin

How is it possible that some random girl could take my photo AND get the same phone extension ID? That is right Talksugar sucks.  They disabled my account for questioning them about their business practices. Like.. um .. paying us.
So they disabled my account so I couldn’t log in but kept my photo and Extension live for all of these years to scam my customer base. Yes loyal slaves who paid hundreds of dollars to talk to me now talk to Talksugars Admin. This way they get to keep all of the money instead of again.. paying me.
How many of the girls on are stolen PSO pictures like mine ? Now that I posted this when you click the Mistress Candi url it goes to their home page. What assholes.
Back in 2010 I had started questioning why it was taking so long for them to pay me, sometimes months. I was new to the phone domination biz and didn’t want to piss anyone off. LOL how things have changed. So since 2010 Talksugar has been scamming slaves pretending to be me.  Take a look at what a search of found:
Talksugar still sucks
Google search
This goes on for pages and pages. You see the idea is this. As you can see from the photo below, when I first started I was bringing around $600 a month.  What is the point of paying me when they can disable my account and keep my phone line live ? Then the slaves will keep calling and Talksugar never needs to pay me. They keep all the money. Now remember, I only had one line. You can see from the google search that they have used my image and name is thousands of combinations. I have built the Mistress Onyx name into a brand. My phone lines range from $4.50 – $20 per minute. This is why has so many Domains using my name and image. All pointing to the phone line they disabled me from signing into. Why all of those domains going to one account with my face and name on them? Scam
This is the Payment page for Mistress Onyx on Talksugar
Now how much money do you think in 2 years they have stolen using my image and online personality ?
Who the heck is Carmel Spice ? Oh she’s another fake profile using my ID. Assholes.

steven at talksugar calls Mistress Onyx a liar and Crackhead in email
Talksugar admin sends email calling Mistress Onyx a liar and drug addict
Hmmmm…. I wonder if I can sue them for this.. I will get back toyou on that. If I can sue them I will. Yes I have printscreened their PSO sign up page. There is nothing that says they can keep your image and pretend to be you on the page.
The Earthly Paradise Talksugar sounds real nice.

Impersonation or Identity Theft includes:

  • pretending to be another person, dead or alive,
  • with the intention of gaining a benefit or advantage, including money or other property;
  • or with the intention of causing disadvantage or harm to someone else.

Fraudulent use includes:

  • any deceit, falsehood or fraudulent representation which causes disadvantage to someone,
  • mischief to data (changing information or corrupting computer systems, whether or not for personal gain),
  • false messages or false pretence,
  • scams and hoaxes (including chain letters).

UPDATE changes Mistress Onyx name to read "Dumb Cunt"
I guess this "Cunt" is not that dumb after all.

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