Monday, 22 October 2012

Thinking of making a new rubber fetish site | Mistress Onyx

Breast Worship

 Do you remember this ? I have fantastic curves and I love to cover them with cool clear rubber. There is just something about being naked and seeing my brown nipples through clear latex that makes my Kinks Clank. But really black rubber that has been buffed to a gloss is even more erotic for me. You know when it is so clear that it reflects back the room over each curve? I even like body bags and vac bags. One of the first play sessions I had with extreme pervy rubber was in London England. I had seen the most unbelievable and sexually exciting profile on A man was suspended in a body bag over a purple dungeon floor. Tubes entered the body bag from strategic holes molded into the rubber. I had never seen anything like that photo. I had to meet the man in the bag. I sent him an email and then flew over to The United Kingdom to meet him. From the moment I stood in his dungeon surrounded by racks and racks of rubber I was hooked on that smell and feel of quality rubber. I really enjoy hoods as well. They are so slick. I have found some amazing fetish sites with wonderfully designed hoods. I want to buy more rubber. Then I am thinking about making an extreme rubber site. Sensory deprivation bondage and all sexy rubber.

Mistress Onyx

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