Monday, 28 January 2013

So you want to do everything I say ? Fabulous.

So you say you want to do everything I say? Well get your copy and paste ready. I wouldn't say that I am greedy. I just enjoy acquiring many material things.
ZXX - Here It Is (release on May 14 2012) by GiR (Get in Rage) Records

Many of you will not be able to lay on that Bondage table behind Me. you won't be strapped to that cross and beg to be taken to the Edge. This upsets Me and because being upset is not a thing I do well, you will pay. Pay to keep Me happy.

First let's start with My social media footprint. I am greatness and you should be waiting on My every word. Follow Me on Twitter: If you do not have a Twitter account, make one. Make your username something like "iamMistressOnyxslavetoy" or "iamabootbitch4MistressOnyx" then follow Me. you will need to send Me a request because I am controlling. I like to see just who is following Me and read your tweets. A locked twitter also ensures that all of My followers are real. If you have to buy followers well that's the same as having to pay people to take your photos. Every Tuesday is #AskTheBitchday the day when all of my male followers are allowed to speak to Me for free without the fear of being deleted. Of course Follow Fridays and telling the world more about how you adore Me is just fine everyday. Otherwise... don't speak to Me.

Next, I take phone Domination calls on Niteflirt: This is a wonderful way for Me to get My Kink therapy. Here you can call Me and talk to your hearts desire about all that it is that makes you as bent as you are. Always give Me five stars. Oh that just reminded Me to make an Mistress_Onyx Ignoreline (Update: Mistress Onyx IgnoreLine ). That's right, five stars just for ignoring you. If you do not have a Niteflirt line click My link above and make one.

I enjoy receiving items to use or wear in the Dungeon. Isn't technology just wonderful? Amazon has giftcards. (Amazon giftcard and tributes for MistressOnyx) This is how you do it. If you want to get and keep My attention you tribute. I buy all of the shoes and books and fun fur pillows I can find and you keep Me happy.
I have been thinking of doing a photo shoot and or a few clips with the items you see above in the Sensory Deprivation room. I want to be wearing leather or rubber. This is where you come in submissive. you go here to Northbound Leather (Click here to send Mistress Onyx a gift certificate) . They are very reputable and I just adore their items. Send Me a giftcard to sm_onyx @ .

Yes there are pantyhose and Nylons in My Mistress Onyx wishlist. All very easy for you to find and tribute. So see it is very easy for you to do everything I say. I say tribute. Tribute now and often.
Alex Young X The Hi-Yahs - So Much by Alex Young*
Word count:      Me: 16   My: 8  

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