Saturday, 27 October 2012

Google might shut down this blog

Hi everyone,

I know that many of you are getting your fantasies played out here on my blog. I got a message today from Google+ saying that they may suspend my account. I have moved all of this content over to my website . The journals and commenting is free on my website so join over there or simply comment on the posts.

I will not be posting any new blog entries till the end of November on this blog just in case they delete the blog.

Thanks xoxoxo,

Mistress Onyx

UPDATE November 4th:
Obviously they haven't so I will begin updating again.

Until then enjoy some fantastic scene music from my soundcloud:

 OnYX by @MistressOnyx

This is my favourite for today:

Light It Up by Flinch ft. Heather Bright by Dubstep.NET

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