Friday, 15 March 2013

Ebony Mistress Onyx Fetish Leather & Latex Black Domina

Extreme Heavy Rubber Fetish Latex Mistress Onyx
The rubberscene is so sexually exciting for us isn't it? For Myself this fetisch melts so nicely with my bath fetich. Yes, I enjoy bathing fetish but I really enjoy a bath in Latex or rubber. Latexfetish was introduced to Me when fetish latex was poured over my naked body. Fetish rubber is so cool and secondskin. I am always searching the net for latexlinks with hot bitches in shiny rubber. Latex rubber and a latex mask are such a turn on. Women in latex..mmmm naked women in latex does something delicious to my naughty parts. My liquid latex fetish is I am most certain, very similar to yours. You see I know what you need. I am what you need. You crave latex wear and a Mistress this beautiful Black Domina. Well luck and Karma has found you. You have found Me your Top Black dominatrix. I am a Black Goddess who lives the life of a true FemDom. Ebony Domination is what you need and this rubbermistress looks like a robot in My rubber hoods and catsuit. I know and I do it on purpose. I love the smooth metallic look of black rubber or pink rubber below. A robot Fetish is so exciting for Me. I am your latexmistress. When I tell you to lick my latexcorsett. Yes, I want you to lick my latex corset with that pink submissive tongue of yours. It's such a tight corset that I can feel every stroke. Nothing turns you on like female latex mask on a hot Black FemDom. I will turn you into my rubberslave. A black mistress in latex and wearing rubber gloves is just what throws you into mental rubber bondage. Over the phone I can hear you breathing through your rubber gas mask. A gasmask is a must. You will breath hard when you see Me dressed in latex stockings. Latex clothing has always been a turn on for you. Fucking a rubberdoll well that would be the ultimate.

Latexbondage with my latexgloves gliding over your hardened skin. Gloves latex and a transparent catsuit are just what we will need for our erotic fun. My latex catsuit will never be enough to fill a latexgallery. You are going to tribute me rubber for my rubbergallery. Latexpictures and my latexvideos are going to make you wank. My rubberpictures with Me forcing you to become my rubbermaid will make you MistressOnyx addicted. An extreme rubber fetish is something to be proud of. Yes Rubber Pride. Fetish Lesbian in Latex also turns Me right on. Watching them have Sex in Heavy Rubber... Well it is the same thing I am going to force you do do over the line. First a rubber Butt-Plug, the Inflatable kind. My High heel pressed against your cock head. As the High-Heel gives you just the right erotic pressure you cannot take your eyes off of my sexy rubber Corset. I have a Collar for you slave. You wanted a Dom. Well now you have found even more..a Mistress. I am a sexy black Domme and I also enjoy a good Sissy. Your Transformation increases with each article of fetishclothing. I make you Model rubber. Slip and slide in latex. PVC skirts for whimpering sissymaids. Painful plastic shoes for you. Fetish gasmask for Me in my bizarre Kinks and clanks. Your transformation will be complete after I use you with dildos. Rubber is the true sex bondage.

Become my new shiny toy. So many masks and korsetts. I have beautiful high heels with rubber nylons for you to wear. I can make your catsuit expand and give you full big boobs in your bazaar Fetish wear. I like My bizarre Glamour girls in LATEX to be obedient! If you keep resisting into the strict corset and high heels for you. I'll bend you over that bathtub without any rubber restraint. The latex fetish scene is always here for you with Me. Your rubber transformation latex scene is just one phone call away. Blue rubber thong and a rubber latex fetish was meant for latex porn. You can star in it for free latex. Well free for Me and Tributed by you. I really enjoy free rubber, free pvc and then Ill take more latex pictures. Make some sexy latex video for you to buy. You so enjoy My latex movies don't you. If you want more rubber pictures then hit the buttons below and Tribute. The more you tribute the more rubber video of Me I will make. You will have a folder on your desk to of all my rubber movies wearing the fetishwear you bought Me. Fabulous, this is another form of mental latex bondage. You buy and I wear. Over the cam I can watch you in rubber bondage. I'll whip you are ass in latex bdsm. Would you like to be My latex slave? We will have virtual latex sex. I am a black latex femdom. Begging each day for Me your rubber femdom. Rubber bdsm is one of most favourite fetish. BDSM goes so well with everything, especially fetish bondage. Being a black fetish mistress I know the fetishistic mind. Becoming an ebony latex mistress starts before I ever put anything on. Every rubberist knows the fetish for rubber is a fetish that starts before the first bit of clothes touches their skin. Gummi is one of the best fetische to get you on the line. Gummi mummification keeps you on the edge. Chastity in kinky rainwear keeps you in line. 

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