Thursday, 20 June 2013

Wimps .. delivered to Mistress Onyx and turned into FOREVER sissymaids

I get so many emails from wives tired of their lazy cheating husbands. These women have grown bored and simply are unsatisfied by their husbands tiny penis and weak willed ways. While their wives are off Waiting to Exhale in Jamaica, their wimp husbands have been delivered to Me for sissy training. By the time their Dominate Wives return from their holidays, their husbands will have been turned into FOREVER sissymaids.
The first thing I do is burn all of their male clothing. They are never going to need those skidmarked tightywhities again. I take them through the paces to remove all of that gross hair on their bodies. Those tiny balls.. well I have cbt ways to make them even smaller.
Dressing the new and improved sissy husbands is always hilarious. After they have tasted the cane a few times the ruffle skirts are slipped on without protest. I am partial to blonde wigs for the wimps. When they are dancing or being taught to service other submissives a red wig does the trick. They always start crying in the beginning when they see the red wig. After a few times they love to show what good obedient sissy husbands they have become. We all know that their wives are bringing home their boyfriends from Jamaica. sissy husband is going to have to learn how to serve and how to clean.
Pretty soon they are skipping while serving their wives dinner and curtsying before handing her over their paychecks.

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