Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Eat, Drink and Be Merry! Ebony Cuckold Queen controls you

 I am so happy you agreed to just stay home suck the bedsheets. you’ve stopped drinking water during the day. You dont have anything to drink after dinner. I see you skip the beer at the game and drinks at the evening parties… All because you cant stop going to the bathroom at night. Three, four, Five trips to the fucking bathroom each night. Your bladder is always feeling full and I love to watch you squirm. Your pain and humiliation is always My gain. you are not a man anymore so what are you good for ? you are best kept in chastity. I’m having some fun at your expense right now. You and your hilariously embarrassing prostate problems. Drink these shots right now until you are fully intoxicated. I’m your wife and I know what’s best for you. I know drinking makes you weaker for My ways. You wanted a black wife and now you cant deliver. you deserve to be teased and denied by by ebony tits. I know you want to fuck Me. To try and see if you can still get it up. you are going to be begging Me for something else tonight. For Me to unlock your cock cage and remove your pisshole plug. You are a cuckold because you cant fuck properly anymore. My big tits and perfect ass are yours after each shot you take. Drinking always makes you lose your inhibitions. Maybe I might even let you have one of your blue little pills and fuck Me deep and hard. Lets have a party baby and maybe you can fuck Me. you cant help doing what I say, you are Onyx Addicted. I’m taking a chunk whats left of your manhood and whats left in your wallet. You My loving husband are going to “Pay for it” all night long. Tonight when I’m out fucking My Black boyfriend and enjoying his fit muscles and sexy african body, you will be sitting on the toilet with your weak stream leaking. Being useless and pathetic as usual. Look I even added a bit of My spit so you can have some of Me in your mouth tonight after all. Now that you are fully intoxicated start shopping. Go to My amazon wishlist and empty your wallet on Giftcards and I really want My full Home office wish list cleared out before I get home. I love you baby. Start the party.

I know you went over the limit and bought Me this dress. That is what good husbands do. This skirt is just so short. Look at My big bare ass just fall right out of it. Maybe when I get home tonight I'll let you take off your CBT 6000 cock cage and jerk it. The longer you're in that cockcage the harder you get. I know you want to cum baby. Just wait and be faithful to Me. It's all mental. When I'm out partying with My friends and My new man tonight I don't want to leave you hungry. My friends are all waiting in the next room and know you are eating our ashes. We have smoked all of these cigerattes. Now you get to eat them. Open wide as I feed you. The more you eat the more I show you baby. Stay in your cockcage and eat this whole ashtray. Look baby I'll even flash you My ass when you lick the bottom of the ashtray clean. you have turned out to be the perfect husband. Sitting here cleaning out your savings account for Me. When I'm dancing and partying I'll know that you'll have some fantastic purchases waiting for Me

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Ebony Mistress Black Lipstick Fetish Lollypop Licker Denies you loser.

I really enjoyed licking My lollipop. I know that you will really enjoy watching Me lick My Lolli pop. Watch My pink wet tongue teasing you. Tongue worship is so easy when I flick it over My fat black Lipstick covered lips. Listen as the sounds of Me slurping this Lollipop sucker drive you wild. The Black Lipstick Lipgloss just shines under the bright lights. My HD camera catches every smooth wrinkle in Lip gloss. My mouths stuffed with the gigantic lollypop sucker. I bet you would love if I was sucking and licking on something else. Never loser. I bet you have your pathetic little nipple penis out & are putting it in place of My lollie. Mmmmm that lollypop is so good. Just watch it slip out of My black lipstick painted mouth. Delicious and so tasty. Just like Me. Each flick of My pink tongue get you so much harder. Oh loser My mouth was made just so I could tease and deny you. 

Monday, 14 April 2014

Giving Myself a Pedicure. Watch and enjoy FootFetish Freak

I feel so good when I give Myself a foot bath and pedicure. The water was perfectly warm almost too hot for My perfect ebony feet. That is how I like it, hot and sexy.  I used mandarin foot salts and a wonderfully scented foot scrub for full luxury. As I massaged a clay foot mask into my soles and arches I had to groan or maybe that was a moan? It just felt so good. Slowly back and forth I massaged My high arches on the vibrator of the foot bath. Mmmmm the water just felt so slick between My toes. I know you will enjoy all of the close ups and the sounds of pleasure I am making. The vibrator has tiny spikes on it. I pressed down hard with My heels and a thrill shot up My spine. Watch as I take you on this foot fetish pedicure erotic foot play date. I start with My dirty soles, then I use a black emery-board to scrub off the dead skin. To get that perfect some gloss on My soles I use a buffer. All over My heals. That clear foot scrub is wonderful and deeply delicious over My creamy soles. Mmmmm My toes are curling just writing this description. Im remembering how slow and strong My thumb pressed into My high arches. As the tension is released My big toe starts to click as I press it into the foot bath vibrator. I’m so excited knowing that you will be stroking your cock to every wrinkle on My creamy soles.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Dangling black patent rhinestone stilettos on My toes

Red Rhinestone Flames Black Patent Shoe Dangling HD

These are My favourite shoes of all time. They are perfect for this Dangle Foot Fetish lover. My legs are so sexy and ebony brown. I know you are just drooling when you see Me Dangle these patent rhinestone shoes on the tips of My toes. My calf muscles are defined and while watching this clip I know you will be begging to kiss and lick them. My sexy seductive voice describes these patent leather stilettos to you. It’s almost as if you are here with Me watching and wanking.

Black Patent Open Toe Stilettos walking on Concrete

Black Opium Blog | The Ecstasy of the Forbidden - Onyx's Abused Shoes

Black Patent Open Toe Stilettos on Concrete - HD

I was in the garage dreaming about riding this summer. I cant wait to spread My sexy smooth black legs over the leather seat of the motorcycle and feel that powerful engine. As I walked back and forth in front of the bikes My stilettos echoed each step. That is when I thought of you. I know how much you love My sexy legs and smooth skin. You are always telling Me that My legs drive you wild. I know your cock twitches when I walk down the sidewalk in a short skirt and sexy stilettos. In this clip with each pass in front of the bikes you would get a glimpse of My white panties. That juicy black ass of Mine is barely contained by My black skirt. My big black ass sways and makes you beg for more. I’ve always had fantastic sexy legs and calves and use them with attitude. I know you will be jerking and moaning each time you hear My stilettos click on the concrete. My steps are so precise and severe. Some times I walk slowly because I know you are edging and that cum is so close to shooting right out of your tip, (Not just yet baby, keep all of that cum for My sexy legs strutting). Then I speed up because I know you will be stroking with each step I take. My legs will blow your mind and make you wank until you shoot sawdust. Look at My perfect ebony calves. As a Black FemDom I know just how to strut My stuff

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Ebony FemDom ruins your orgasm

(A little taboo fantasy)

You are too fucking old to still be living at home. How the fuck old are you? You look like 36! I see your dumb ass glassy eyed staring...drooling stupid watching Me all the time. I wear short skirts with no panties and My black booty hanging out just for you loser. See-through blouses over My big tits just to taunt your tiny pecker. Fuck there's a cum stain on every pair of your pants. That time you saw Me cumming in the shower with your toothbrush was on purpose. I wanted you to taste Me before you get to taste Me. That's right you should be brushing your teeth with My pussy juices at least twice a day. I really enjoy making you suffer and cum at the same time. I see your sheets sticking in the wash the nights after I fuck your Mom. I eat her pussy just right. That makes you so hard listening to us finger fuck and orgasm. I've even fucked her with your autographed baseball bat. you listen through the wall and jerk! jerk! jerk! You have ruined so many of My orgasms its payback time. Each time that you jerk off you'll think of Me sliding into your bed and squeezing your cock really.. really hard. My sexy voice Mind fucking you while My hands jerk off your tiny willy. I know you wank to My big black tits and ebony ass. The meaner I am to you the harder you get. That is how I know you are a born FemDom slave. So I'm going to give you what you deserve. A good hard mindfuck and wet jerking. No one will ever know or even believe you. No one will believe I would touch or could even find your tiny penis. Feel My soft hand stretching your ball sack and caressing your rock hard nipple penis. Each time you are just about to ruin My fun I might just dig My sharpened fingernails into your tiny tip. If you don't move out of this house right now, each morning Im going to come in here and jerk your chicken. I might even finger your tight asshole and make you shoot all over your belly. If you think breakfast is uncomfortable now...Well, well.. looks like you are a pre- ejaculator. No surprise there, I couldn't fathom expecting anything more from you. No wonder you're still a fucking virgin. you can't even get your nipple penis near the pussy. loser, you are so pathetic. I can just see you now. you would shoot your load all over legs and knees. Has anyone other than you ever even touched your penis? Such a fucking loser! One more time loser! I'm going to jerk that cock of yours till you are afraid of every black woman around. Black FemDom for sure scare you hard and silly. Stop rubbing your junk into the mattress! Im going to make you spurt your pigsnot all over My sexy ebony fingers. Now that we are in understanding, give Me that loser cum and get your own fucking apartment! I'm turning this household into a FemDom castle. If you want stay you had better lay there real still on your back and shut your fucking mouth.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Worship Mistress Onyx's Icy snowmobile boots

While I am up North working on My winter house I like to also spend My time on Outdoor sports. I have a lot of fun toys to play with because I am spoiled rotten. 

I was remembering today how I would always find you with My winter boots on your face. Booze in one hand and your little dick in the other. you always tell Me that you can't stop yourself from sniffing the insides of My snowmobile boots. you can shoot your jizz anywhere but inside of My boots. I like to put them over My face and sniff too. The last thing I ever want is your wet or dry cum anywhere near My face. I am showing you exactly how I get My boots so wet and stinky. First I tease you on My snowmobile as I take a little break from riding around the lake. Then I take you inside to sniff My socks and lick the rubber soles of My boots. Of course I will never forget how much you love every toe point and My sweaty stinky socks. Edge Foot Fetish worshipper. There are so many closeups of My perfect dirty socks and winter boots.. Each time My sexy body and high arches tease you. I know for certain your balls tighten up. Don't let any of that gross cum seep out of your tiny pecker.
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