Monday, 14 April 2014

Giving Myself a Pedicure. Watch and enjoy FootFetish Freak

I feel so good when I give Myself a foot bath and pedicure. The water was perfectly warm almost too hot for My perfect ebony feet. That is how I like it, hot and sexy.  I used mandarin foot salts and a wonderfully scented foot scrub for full luxury. As I massaged a clay foot mask into my soles and arches I had to groan or maybe that was a moan? It just felt so good. Slowly back and forth I massaged My high arches on the vibrator of the foot bath. Mmmmm the water just felt so slick between My toes. I know you will enjoy all of the close ups and the sounds of pleasure I am making. The vibrator has tiny spikes on it. I pressed down hard with My heels and a thrill shot up My spine. Watch as I take you on this foot fetish pedicure erotic foot play date. I start with My dirty soles, then I use a black emery-board to scrub off the dead skin. To get that perfect some gloss on My soles I use a buffer. All over My heals. That clear foot scrub is wonderful and deeply delicious over My creamy soles. Mmmmm My toes are curling just writing this description. Im remembering how slow and strong My thumb pressed into My high arches. As the tension is released My big toe starts to click as I press it into the foot bath vibrator. I’m so excited knowing that you will be stroking your cock to every wrinkle on My creamy soles.

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