Monday, 25 February 2013

Soiled Panty Fetish

This says it all. As you all know some of you have a very nasty dirty fetish. That's right just like the mutt you are a cum sucking pig. I know how much you love when I say or type that. you call me and beg me to tell you just how many gross loads are in those panties. Yes the mutt loves to pay for his foreplay items. I always wear gloves even when I am handling the bag. Always wear gloves when you handle a slaves bag. When I put on this lingerie to tease and tempt you I had no idea it was transparent. Well of course I am going to make you pay to remove those skulls via Niteflirt. I know many of you would like to buy my used items. Stockings and panties for sniffing and sucking. If you are like the cum sucking pig and would like a pair of cuckold panties I contact me with your payment. If you know of a great store for selling used items let me know. I really like the idea of some slave in Dubai sucking on cum filled panties for money. I know you are reading this mutt. The clip of me humiliating you is just about to go live. Make sure  to suck on the red ones when you watch me.

and yes.. I am laughing AT you.

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