Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Do you crave Romance? you crave Sadomasochism

Switch? Suspension cuffs are very useful with those who try to switch with Me. Cuffing always does that doesn't it? So many of you wish to be in my fantasy Pig Pen of pain and pleasure. The Power Exchange what leads you so quickly to the Edge. My heels of Domination will slowly crush the Vanilla out of you. A St. Andrew's cross is ready for your flogging. The X-frame is mounted horizontally and it awaits you in the corner room. A Sybian awaits a fresh new rider. There wont be any wrapping here. All of my strikes always hit My intended mark. It is time to Worship this Ebony Goddess from your knees. Dream of My Black Mistress pussy, lavish your attentions on my body. Only in your dreams of course. If you ever think to touch Me, White lightning will taste your skin. So much like sexual meditation all of this is. Quickly if you are not careful this meditation of yours can turn to more wonderful training. Still you will surrender the control of your body to Me for our erotic play. I do enjoy a slave contract for you. What type of service will you be providing Me? Sexual? 
My strong mental bondage skills. Soon your body will release intoxicating endorphin. Yes, I am a high you will soon find is an addiction. your Mistress Onyx, Ebony Mistress Addiction. Without ever realizing it, you have stepped into My bondage cage. My mental gas mask cutting off your Nilla air. Only Kink air for you now slaveboy. Brain fade is your new best friend.

So now you crave to be my submissive. Do you crave suspension bondage with your sub-space? Bottom-space can mean so many things depending on who reads it. you can beg to be My bottom but the slaves get the whipping and the thud that you all deserve. There are so many crops, slappers, paddles and canes to whip a sub. Which taws will you choose to beat your meat with over our fantasy connection? Attached to your body will be weights. I am going to clamp these tit torture fishing weights to your nipples to increase My pleasure...and your torment. Over those tender nipples I am going to play with My Wartenburg pinwheel. Oh when I press deeper, harder well I will allow your own private visualization to explain that scene. Isn't it lovely that over the phone stoplight safe words can apply? There's no need for a silent alarm, I know what I am doing. Head games, erotic pain, erotic power. All fun for us. Discipline for all of My collared slaves in our symbiotic relationship.

Static electricity never felt so good. My Violet wand with its glass attachments of globes, tubes and forks is more than a masturbatory fantasy for your submissive skin. A TENS unit is just what the Doctor ordered. I think I might dress you in PVC Vinyl or maybe leather. Humiliation is good for your self-esteem. Verbal abuse is a derogatory rapture. How deep is SM intergrated into your sexuality? Do you crave verbal Humiliation? I will use it to tear you down sub and humble that ego of yours. My thin leather driving gloves with their hidden snaps and rhinestone settings create a texture sharper than my tongue. A Virgin Rapture they will say. Imprisoned in my Stocks will be your head, wrists and ankles. Well in your imagination. A Spreader bar is part of your slave training. Smart Ass Masochist here on Niteflirt you will go broke for Me. Heavy play with you moaning through a gag over the phone excites us both. This is My Fetish, your erotic surrender.

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"Keep fucking with me. I can make ur death look like auto-erotic asphyxiation." -

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