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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Panty Fetish

Today I was looking around in the Dungeon and I found your special package. It was all sealed up and ready to go. I thought what a disgusting soiled panty fetish you have. I decided to humiliate you for all the world to see. I force you to watch as I spilled the beans about how you suck and wank on hardened strangers spunk. I held up each soiled pantie filled with the DNA of strangers for the camera to see. At arms length they went right up close to the camera. Now the world knows just what you do when you open your special dungeon package.

Oh I know you are going to want to buy each 5 minute clip. I know you are imagining hearing me gag and humiliate making you feel as worthless as you are... well treating you like the pig you want so much to be. In each clip I show you another pair of panties that are soiled just for you. Disgusting! pig, buy all three and enjoy before...(gag) you enjoy...


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