Saturday, 15 March 2014

Worship Mistress Onyx's Icy snowmobile boots

While I am up North working on My winter house I like to also spend My time on Outdoor sports. I have a lot of fun toys to play with because I am spoiled rotten. 

I was remembering today how I would always find you with My winter boots on your face. Booze in one hand and your little dick in the other. you always tell Me that you can't stop yourself from sniffing the insides of My snowmobile boots. you can shoot your jizz anywhere but inside of My boots. I like to put them over My face and sniff too. The last thing I ever want is your wet or dry cum anywhere near My face. I am showing you exactly how I get My boots so wet and stinky. First I tease you on My snowmobile as I take a little break from riding around the lake. Then I take you inside to sniff My socks and lick the rubber soles of My boots. Of course I will never forget how much you love every toe point and My sweaty stinky socks. Edge Foot Fetish worshipper. There are so many closeups of My perfect dirty socks and winter boots.. Each time My sexy body and high arches tease you. I know for certain your balls tighten up. Don't let any of that gross cum seep out of your tiny pecker.

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