Sunday, 13 April 2014

Black Patent Open Toe Stilettos walking on Concrete

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Black Patent Open Toe Stilettos on Concrete - HD

I was in the garage dreaming about riding this summer. I cant wait to spread My sexy smooth black legs over the leather seat of the motorcycle and feel that powerful engine. As I walked back and forth in front of the bikes My stilettos echoed each step. That is when I thought of you. I know how much you love My sexy legs and smooth skin. You are always telling Me that My legs drive you wild. I know your cock twitches when I walk down the sidewalk in a short skirt and sexy stilettos. In this clip with each pass in front of the bikes you would get a glimpse of My white panties. That juicy black ass of Mine is barely contained by My black skirt. My big black ass sways and makes you beg for more. I’ve always had fantastic sexy legs and calves and use them with attitude. I know you will be jerking and moaning each time you hear My stilettos click on the concrete. My steps are so precise and severe. Some times I walk slowly because I know you are edging and that cum is so close to shooting right out of your tip, (Not just yet baby, keep all of that cum for My sexy legs strutting). Then I speed up because I know you will be stroking with each step I take. My legs will blow your mind and make you wank until you shoot sawdust. Look at My perfect ebony calves. As a Black FemDom I know just how to strut My stuff

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