Saturday, 22 June 2013

The mutt is always hungry for his panty fetish so let's feed it

Today I was back in the Dungeon for a few hours shooting a custom clip for the mutt. It is so funny, the mutt just loves nasty soiled panties. First the mutt mails the panties, then they are soiled by many many submissive males who tribute the Dungeon. Then they are mailed back to the mutt. On this day I showed the mutt bill dumb'mond which types of panties I like.
I am thinking of making an lingerie wishlist so if any of you out there know lingerie shops who have gift cards, send them to Me sm_onyx (at) It is so much fun to humiliate the mutt. I can see him now, wide eyed and begging for more panties. See males, the world does need you all for something. In a Female ruled Society males need jobs. Your jobs will be filling the worlds panties. Hahahaha!! Every Females house should would have a mutt. After I was done making sure the mutt understood exactly which types of panties I want him to buy for Me. I opened the panty bin. Males all over the world buy panties for the Dungeon and there are bins and bins of them. 
These red ones are my favourite of the day.

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ext: 9962043

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