Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A tiny man's Journey to Mistress Onyx Black Giantess Forest

Read Giantess Onyx: shrunken down tiny men are placed on a rock and terrorized. Shrinking fetish prisoners flicked into water and made to play a horrible life and death game.

You are going to be such an unbelievably tasty little man. I’ve decided that you are taking up way too much space being the size that you are. My tiny plaything. Such a tiny little fuck toy you are going to be for Me. First I’m going to give you a chance to steal a toy car and maybe you can make your get away. I will chase you down little man. That’s part of the fun, the chase. The ground is going to shake as My Giantess creamy soles create an earthquake in your new world. My massive breasts look like two magnificent GoodYear blimp chi chi’s from way down there. Beautiful perky peaks for you to climb. I might just crush you between those fantastic tits of mine. Crushing the air out of your tiny lungs. When I catch you I am going to eat you and your little hard pecker. First I am going to rip off those doll sized clothes off . Then I am going to dangle you in front of My glossy wet lips. Slipping you naked in and out of My mouth. Sucking on you slowly. I really enjoy when you wiggle over My tongue. You have become a delicious human toy lollipop. I know you have dreamed for so long to have Me use your stupid body as a lollipop. I prefer to suck you from head to toe all at once loser. You never know when I will grow tired of your whimpering and escape plans. I might just crush you in between My teeth instead of slipping you in and out of My wet folds. 


As I sleep with you warm and wet in My mouth. You pry My lips open forcing your way out of My wet lush lips. Naked you sit in My lipgloss all covered in wet I AM SIN from head to tiny toe. It’s an erotic roller coster ride over My chin and down My neck. You find yourself lodged between My massive mountains with their beautiful ebony perky peaks. Working your way up as lipgloss works its way against you. You leave a trail shiny slippery trail behind you, lips gloss  and precum….Nasty! You regain tracking enabling you to climb up your very own K1. Sitting triumphant as you look down thirsty. Knowing where there is a tiny bush there is moisture. An oasis between My Giantess folds. A goal for a tiny bastard. 

Flipping over onto your slippery lipgloss covered back you aim for My black forest. Like a bullet you shoot down over My Magnificent breasts but your timing, like always is wrong. Each one of My breaths is your world moving. You speed out of control over My belly and shoot right into My belly button where you stop abruptly. You have an uncontrollable urge to leave a sticky wet deposit in My belly button but My black pussy oasis is a golden snatch trophy for your little inch worm spunk. 

Again you turn lie down on your stomach. Dragging that pathetic erect penis over the inside of My belly button. Leaving that loser living precum slug trail behind you. Slowly working your way around My warm salty wet skin. That’s tickles tiny loser. My finger comes down and almost ends your journey. Regrettably it doesn't and a lightbulb goes off in your deviant mind. Mixing your copious gross amounts of precum and My leftover lipgloss from your back makes you super slick. As My belly rises with My breath you shoot your body up and out of My belly button and over My stomach. 

There it is, My black Giantess Forest. 

As you part My bush I start to get aroused. Hand reaches down and I start to play with Myself. I couldn’t help Myself but put My hands down there and Im getting wetter and wetter. My forest was shorter than you thought. My Giantess pink clitoras pulses before you. This part is the grossest part thus far. You drop down to your knees. Pressing your stupid smiling face against My clit you start to lick. You little fucker that makes Me shiver. In My sleep I dream a real man is licking Me and I moan again and again. You slip and slide your tiny naked body over My clitors making My pink pussy folds swell and invite you. 

Yes, most definitely you are dreaming.

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