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$10,000 fried bacon! Black MoneyMistress - FinDomme Fetish

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I had a $10,000 annual (I wish that said anal) moneyslave and I want another one.

Eight months ago governmenttoy-moneyslave ran out of money. Well it didn’t actually run out of My money he decided he wanted a relationship with Me. That is impossible because being a pig he doesn’t deserve any sex let alone to touch Me. Chastity and to cum (or not) on command with a financial deposit is what he gets when I decide. I like those two deposit combinations.

As a true cashcow you get NOTHING in return for sending Me gifts and

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Amazon GCs. Money in the mail is great but I love shopping for little items from My wishlist. Valentines Day is coming and you are not going to get to cum unless your ejaculate accompanies My Amazon Giftcard. The spurting of your pig juice and the spurting of cash. So exciting.

Black MoneyMistress
Black MoneyMistress

We are going to be in contact everyday via email, text (I am far North now so no texting) and phone. Everyday pig. I want to know everyday where and what you are doing. I am a Lifestyle MoneyMistress and I have a lot of time to do whatever I want. If you follow My twitter page you can see that My life is filled with travel and fun (

I know you have that one little thought in your head right now. Its hard which means I am taking over.

I already have a Niteflirt blog and shop TEPDNG.COM. Now I want an absolute FinDomme website. I want to have a lovely public page to show off all of the gifts and money I receive. One of the things I really enjoy is humiliation. I just love when I make you humiliate yourself and send Me gifts at the same time. I want a page dedicated to all of your pigboi art. #Paypig #FanArt! I want you to Pay for My new website. I will be wanting shoes and sexy clothes. Buying those items from My Amazon wish list is what you were born to do. your DNA has been whispering that you are a loser pig for a longtime. Just do what you were meant to do and finally enjoy it all.

I travel a lot. Right now I am too far to see any BDSM slaves. That is a really good thing. I still want to get My thrills at your expense. Drinking games, tasks, dress-up, toys, writing and orgasm control do it for Me. All of that we will do online.

I am never going to meet you.

Black Mistress FinDomme, MoneyMistress
Black Mistress FinDomme, MoneyMistress

I am very calm and Dominant. I never need to raise My voice with you. If you displease Me you Pay. you please Me you Pay. It all works out see?
I will have My slave contracts drawn up by February 5th. you will be able to purchase them from any of My websites.

Now, you mean nothing to Me. I don’t need you. I don’t need Money and I don’t waste My time with pigs who do not buy Me things. I live the perfect life without any bills or worries. This is My fun and you are a toy. If you willingly give Me your personal information I will use it if you do not Pay. I will not hesitate.

I really enjoy ignoring you. I lead an exciting life and I love rubbing it in your face that is why I have a paypig ignore line. When I tell My friends that you have been on mute for 30 minutes they cannot believe your stupidity. That power gives Me a rush because it accompanies you Paying Me.

On the outside I seem like a very nice lady. I am not. I am sadistic and I love to degrade you. Humiliating you and breaking you down to the wet worm you are is what I do. I require My subs and slaves to be willing to fully drop to their knees and give Me all of themselves. No matter how difficult the task may be I want to make you get there.

Just like in the real world, I take My money upfront.

Make contact now.

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