Saturday, 4 February 2012

Mistress Onyx - Black Opium Blog Launch

Today I decided to launch MistressOnyx - Black Opium Blog. I wanted a place where you can easily see what me Mistress Onyx has been up to. I have many new projects lined up. As we all know I love to relax in luxury and how do I do that? I work hard.

On these pages you will see the updates about sites I am working on. I sometimes will give you glimpses into my personal life but if you want that you will need to follow my  account. As you know I am a Lifestyle Dominatrix but I have put in my time. I now never meet people in person. I have of course my own personal slaves because I do need someone to clean the house. Otherwise if you see advertisments using my name be warned that these are not ads for me. I have built the MistressOnyx brand over the course of 7 years. Yes I travelled to Europe with $200 Canadian in my pocket to learn the ropes in the top Dungeons. I did very well and met a lot of great friends. Now with Social Media I am able to keep in contact with those friends and connect with you. Welcome to my new blog and of course comment. I will delete the silly comments or repost them and laugh on my twitter account.

Be well,

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