Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Mistress Onyx Launches The Black Opium Youtube Channel

* My Youtube Channel was shut down before it started. I guess I am banned for life for my past bad behavieour. Well one can dream :)

Here I am again, serving up that special soup. I have launched The Black Opium Youtube Channel.

The last time I had a Youtube Channel it was a smash success. I am bad so I did not follow the rules and they deleted my account. This time I have a surprise. No, not just that I will follow the rules but the contents of the Channel. Nothing too racy but still very fetish looking. I have been getting everything that I want lately and with that is coming more time to shoot clips. I like putting up the free ones. In my twitter feed http://www.twitter.com/MistressOnyx I will be posting urls of my free downloads. That way my followers will get a taste of what you pay for. So see it is just best that you follow me there. Now back to the Channel. I cannot help that I am a bad lady.
Yes all of the sexy black lipstick fetish videos that are not X rated will be back.


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