Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My favourite worshipping shoes | Mistress Onyx

These shoes are my favourite worshipping shoes. You get to worship from afar... the best way don't you think? The fabric is just divine and my feet deserve the finest your money can buy. When you tribute me I do what I do Well, shop and make you want to see more.

I bet that you would just love to see those soles in motion hmmmm? Look at the scuffs on the bottom from the pavement and a bit of dancing. I bet you would love to see those scuffs and dirt marks up close and personal. I usually massage some ginger foot lotion on after a sea salt scrub. Nightly pedicures in my bubble bath are so decadent don't you think?  I think I am going to make a video. You really like my videos and my feet. When I get back to Vancouver I think I am going to buy some new designer shoes...Oops what am I saying? you adore Me ... I'm sweet and black..and know just how to make those foot fetish kinks of ours clank. Well I guess that makes me your black opium doesn't it.

Happy shopping,


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