Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Foot Fetish Frenzy on Clips4sale | Mistress Onyx

I know just how to build the intensity for you foot fetish wankboys don't I? You adore Me and I know how you are just waiting to buy my new clip. First you got to see the shoes in the September 12th post and now I am bubble bath lathering up my beautiful ebony feet. I know you want to start spoiling me. The more you spoil the meaner I am... I am going to tell you exactly how to worship my shoes and then my feet. I am going to wake up and have a delish coffee. Then I am going to relax again in the bubble bath. Then slather my skin with my favourite parfume, Chanel No5. I love when my skin is just so smooth. After that I am going to sit naked on my chair so that my black skin shows up just perfectly for your greedy eyes. The shoes slip on and off showing you every part of my feet you crave. This is exactly why you love me. I tease and manipulate and you spoil me and spoil me. Women rule and men work....and spoil.

Happy shopping loser.

Your Queen Onyx


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