Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Mistress Onyx Amazon Wish List | Spoil Onyx

I know just how much you love to spoil me so here is my Mistress Onyx amazon.com wish list. Amazon Wishlist are a fantastic way for you to show me just how much you adore everything about me.Amazon.com Gift Cards - E-mail Delivery are my favourite. I like to call it my Amazon Tribute List because nothing I want stays as a wish. I think it then your little brain brings it right to Me! That is positive energy don't you think? Now let me see. I am thinking one e-gift cards from amazon and you are bringing it into my reality right now. Good boy! Anything to keep me happy right. (Question marks are only needed for questions. That was a statement).

Show me just how much you adore me and love to spoil me rotten. Look at my fantastic body and big perfect breasts. None for you mr.pathetic.

The best part is later you can be right under my toes. 

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