Sunday, 23 September 2012

Spoiled again, foot fetish in the garden | Mistress Onyx

I just love being barefoot in the garden. Today I slipped off my muddy gardening shoes to reveal my perfectly pedicured toes. This is definitely my new favourite color. You are always looking for a way to spoil me and now you can learn just how. The sun just perfectly kissed my skin this summer. Now my dark mahogany skin just glistens with my new lemon basil foot lotion. I love to mix some aloe straight from the plant with a bit of lemon basil. Then I slather it all over my feet and make sure to get right between my toes. Oh how refreshing. Look at that. From this perspective it looks like a worm hiding in the grass. Funny, I bet you have heard that so many times.

Wait for the clip here:

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