Monday, 24 September 2012

Finding love under my steel 7 inch stiletto | Mistress Onyx

I just love fetish don't you. Mmmmm these boots are to die for. Imagine how cool that steel would feel against your wet, warm tongue. As I press down and you struggle to keep Me from digging down a little too hard. But that is the best part as we both know. Getting so close to the edge when you just want to stop. you can't because now the door is now open...WIDE open and the true you grovels before Me riding that exhilarating edge. Look there at that sticker. Could you force your nose, lips and tongue through that space to get at that sticker? Of course you could. you CAN be anything I decide to make you. you will do what I tell you because deep down that is exactly what you crave to do. When my foot sets down you are imagining that your face is right there to meet it. I am going to be needing a few more things to complete my boot and shoe closet....

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