Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Ebony Toe Tease in Ruby Red | Mistress Onyx

I so enjoy the outdoors. There is nothing like Mountain air. What a beautiful warm day it was when I shot this Mistress Onyx red toenail polish tease clip. I slipped on my red dress and noticed it matched my ruby red ebony toes. Look how sexy it is when I spread my toes. Then when I curl them it wrinkles up the soles of my feet. I should have more summer dresses for next year don't you think? Sigh the summer is over. It was a wonderful one for Me. The Earthly Paradise Bed and Breakfast was launched. I spent the summer hiking and learning how to operate my new business. So if you have been wondering where I have been, well now you know. It is so difficult for me to find my favourite parfume Chanel No 5 out here. you have been watching that gif above since you opened this page. Now you owe me a brand new bottle. That is how it always is... you owing me. hahahahaha!



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