Friday, 12 October 2012

Asian Massage Day | Mistress Onyx

One thing that I just love is a massage. Isn't it so easy to find Fetish and BDSM folk to massage me ( believe me, it is so easy). On this day instead of constantly saying, "that had better not be your dick on my back". I went to have an Asian foot, leg and body massage. It was the most painful experience I have had in years. As the beautiful massage therapist dug her elbow into my back and neck I was catapulted back to my first days learning percussion play. I firmly believe you have to learn on the bottom. Yes sissy, you get to stay on the bottom. Like you I loved the pain so much I booked another appointment. You will never know relaxation until you have someone dig their elbow into the knots around your spine. All paid for by govtoy.

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