Monday, 15 October 2012

Sexy Black Rubber Tease | Mistress Onyx

Isn't it nice that we are all sexual beings? Not really but that is a wonderful opening question. As a sexual being I love wrapping myself in tight rubber. Months and months in the mountains at my new Fetish Bed & Breakfast has made my ego even bigger. I decided to open one of the rubber storage bins in the Dungeon and make a clip of me enjoying myself. I just love the smell of rubber and how cool and slippery it is against my skin. Rubber is so sexy and Dominant. Well, it is also deliciously submissive if you wrap them up just the right way.

Watch how my hands caress my body. So hypnotic and erotic for both you and I. I am feeling I will be needing more shoes. Oh here comes that feeeeeling again. I am really now seeing males all over the world and my sissy gurl following mailing my stockings. Beautiful fishnet stockings with that seam up the back. Now I am seeing 200 pairs of silk stockings oh my goodness. ...Wonderful! Mmmmmm I really enjoy these feelings.

I always finish so strong. Straight out of the bin it is nothing but slide over my sexy black body and ta da..pure fabulous.

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