Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Which came first the cherry or the smoke? | Mistress Onyx

I have often thought wouldn't it be nice if a person could pop a cherry AND have a smoke at the exact same time? Of course you can and I know many of you reading this have just said, "GIRL HELL YES!!".  Well someone thought of it and packaged it into a cigar. As you know my smoking fetish and black lipstick fetish clips sell quite well. Wasn't it funny back when I made the first black lipstick fetish clips and then up popped so many copycats. hahahaha.. Let me tell you THAT fed my ego. Anyway I shot a new clip with this tasty treat. Delicious and definitely erotic. Mmmmm swirling that cherry smoke around my tongue was everything and erotic. I couldn't figure out how to get it out of that case. So I simply pretended it was something else thin and tiny. Then I got a knife out of the kitchen lopped the head right off.

Mistress Onyx

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