Thursday, 18 October 2012

Stocking Fetish | Mistress Onyx

I am so sexy. I just looked at the two foot fetish and stocking fetish photos above and thought I would state the obvious. One of the reasons that my skin is silky smooth is to drive you absolutely mad. I find it fun, your kinky madness. The other is so that stockings slide so magnificently on and off. Mmmmmm On and Off. Each time I reveal for your greedy eyes a new stocking surprise I can just imagine you wanking. Well you are going to wank till you shoot sawdust. Imagine sneaking into a shop all nervous. Then buying a pair of expensive stockings. Or maybe you are trash.. well.. I have met trash with money so that does not count. I bet you take stockings and wrap them tight around your nuts and bolts. Strangling all of the dumb juice. Or are you one who likes to wear them and prance around in front of the window. I like the ones who prance in front of the window. Well having your dumb juice strangled is so enjoyable isn't it? On and off they go all making you weak begging to see which new ones I tease you with.

Spoiling me makes you happy in so many ways. Tribute me buy (oh that's a typo but we always know where my heads at) picking an item from my Mistress Onyx Amazon wish list. I can't really remember what I put in there but I really like when it arrives. (A very thick sexual innuendo).


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