Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Onyx's Abused Shoes

Today I started shooting for my new clips shop Mistress Onyx's Abused Shoes. I have been keeping a bag of shoes I treated like crap for years. I know how long you have waited to see how badly I treat the shoes you send Me. First I made my shoe slave dump out all of the shoes onto the floor.

I could see that my shoe bitch was salivating at the thought of Me trying on each pair of beat up shoes for the camera. So first I slide on my favourite shoes unbeat down shoes. Let the bitches wait I say. I know how fantastic they make my legs look. Look at that arch and how my toes fit inside. Just making enough toe cleavage to make bad shoe worshippers like you go mad.

Did you know that the bottoms of every one of my shoes is just waiting for a face.. a tongue. Hmmmm look at those stickers. There is only one way to remove a sticker stuck to the bottom of my shoes... teeth. your teeth in fact. That is of course after you have licked and licked to loosen it off a bit. Wouldn't want teeth marks messing up my shoes... then again maybe I do. There might be value in buying shoes that have been marked up by another slaves teeth.

This one I just knew you would drool over. Snapped off with the steel just waiting for your tongue.

I know just how much you enjoy pretending you could be near Me. Licking my boots...look down there..The heal of this boot is broken. I am going to stick it into your mouth and force your tongue to hold it straight.

And then a spit shine.

Then on to the runners. Sneakers can just be so stinky. I know you love smelling and sniffing the sweat stained runners I send you. Poor suffering males.

Why yes that is people having sex airbrushed onto My toes. I know just where you want to put your face. It is not your face that is the only part of you that needs to meet my dirty abused shoes.

Remember bitchboys Christmas is going to come before I allow you. Mistress Onyx's Amazon Wish List.

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ext: 9440011


  1. i love you Mistress Onyx. i wish i could buy those shoes.

    1. I will be selling these shoes on another site. I will let you know when I have it set up. xoxo Onyx


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