Saturday, 8 December 2012

Wet, Messy and Muddy Ruby Red Browns Shoes

Today was a fantastc day abusing my $275 Ruby Red Browns shoes. First in a clip I know how much you love to see my soles and there you go. Then I had to hang the Christmas lights. No hammer was to be found so of course I used the well worn heel of my shoe.

I know, this would have made a wonderful Christmas tree. Next I went outside. There is nothing like wet and messy abused shoes. So many males just love them.

Into the flowerbed I went. I always throw vegetable waste into this flower bed. The soil will be so rich for the summer. My heels slipped in and out of the mud making a sucking sound over and over.
 When I slipped them off I could feel the muddy wet soil slip between my toes. Nothing really feels better. So nice and cool. Tingles started in between my toes and worked their way up.

What a sight to see.

I enjoyed that so much that I decided to put them back on and start all over again. This time packing the mud inside the shoes and forcing my toes back inside. Mud spurted out over the edges as I thrust my foot into the shoe. Mmmmm fantastic.

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