Thursday, 20 December 2012

Vorarephiliac Fantasies | Devoured by Mistress Onyx

What would you do to be eaten by my mouth?  To watch my big lips part and see my pink, wet tongue flick back and forth. Lower then upper then back lower again. What will my mouth make you do?  What would you do to be devoured by Mistress Onyx?

Imagine being inside of my mouth. A shrunken victim being swallowed whole down deep inside me ready for digestion. That is oh so right. I know what you are thinking and just how to part my lips to excite. Simply cannot help yourself can you? It's so hard to resist Me isnt it? There is no reason to resist.  When I can give you everything that you have ever wanted. We both know it is the journey and I will never give you everything that you want.


I know how much you enjoy watching my lips close up sharing my reverse birth vore stories. unbirthing vore coming from my mouth is almost too much for you to take. So you take it more.  I say exactly what you have been begging your whole life to hear. Glossy lipstick covered lips. An erotic humiliation is the key to unlocking darkest desires. My Lollipop teasing can be so deliciously cruel for a Vorarephiliac.

Soft vore is simply the best way to blow your mind at times. I make you weak. Swallowing you whole has been a fantasy of mine for a very long time. Submission to my Dominance is complete when I eat you. I am the predator and you are my prey. Shrunken down and at my mercy you become my possession.

Those of you who beg to listen to my stories of Macrophilia anal vore and my bowels....... you can wait for it.

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