Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A Foot treat for My poor long-suffering pig in My basement!

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I have a wonderful gift for you. I was thinking I should come down here to your new home in My remote northern home basement. It’s -40C out there and I don’t think you’ll survive long without your clothes so My legs and feet are here to manipulate you. you love when I manipulate you. My feet fuck with your mind and your wallet. To make you work harder for Me. Serve Me better by licking My dirty soles, filthy from the basement steps. My ebony soles are so sensitive and creamy soft. Each tiny wrinkle filled with the soot from the basement steps awaits your loser tongue. I love teasing you with your dirty foot fetish. My sexy size 8 1/2 feet with their perfect toes make you spend. I know you want Me to press My soles onto your face. Squish your nose flat as you lay there wankking. Wacking off is what you do best. Now wack off loser and Pay Me. I really have too much fun. 

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