Thursday, 27 February 2014

Get to know My sexy feet!

Mistress Onyx - Black Opium Blog | The Ecstasy of the Forbidden: A Foot treat for My poor long-suffering pig in My basement!

It's been years loser. I stepped on your face one time and now you are addicted to every wrinkle on My creamy soles. Abusing you and your wallet with My perfect toes actually gets Me wet. I know, surprising that anything to do with you gets Me wet. Look at that great big smile on My face. That is because I am thinking about crushing your tiny penis between My big toe and squishing the gross cum money out of your tiny tip. Lets count each one of My toes with your tongue, from a DISTANCE of course. Look at how high My arches are. That is why I rock the shoes that you buy Me. I'm fucking fantastic and it all starts at My ebony feet. Thats right My foot fetish bitch, I'm priceless. An erotic date with My feet. My perfect long fingers slowly guide you over My smooth foot skin. loser, I'm a lady of leisure. My days are spent laughing, enjoying life &  fucking with your stupid mind. Standing on My soles all day in painful shoes doesn't happen. I massage My feet and paint My toes to perfection. My feet easily control and manipulate you. I know this. Look how hard your cock got just by watching My preview. I'm cute and sweet and foot fetish freak deadly. The blacker the berry baby the sweeter the juice. Sit on My bed with Me..and get to know My sexy feet.

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