Thursday, 4 October 2012

I want it all and I want it delivered | Mistress Onyx

It is true, I do want it all and yes I do want it delivered. Why not life is short. I was unpacking today just before I went out for my new electric blue manicure & pedicure. I found this coaster.

That and my coffee cup pretty much sum up my life:

As I was unpacking mirrors I thought why not make a clip and name it the same as the coaster! I know, everything that comes to me is magic. Mr.B tells me that all the time and he is so correct.

So watch for the new clip of my electric blue polish and manicure. Very sexy as usual and so much to tease you about. I am going to slip on and off my black worship shoes so that you can lick them to shine. Round and round your tongue will go. and oh so deep can you deep throat the stiletto. So many exciting things are just around the corner for you.

Guess what?.. I saved the best part for you. ....

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