Sunday, 9 February 2014

Ebony bathing Fetish foot fetish tease

Mistress Onyx - Black Opium Blog | The Ecstasy of the Forbidden: Foot Fetish Frenzy

A Black Mistress with a bathing fetish and a bathtub is My perverted playground. Don’t you just love My black and white bathrobe? piggie, soft bathrobes are so much part of My bathing fetish. loser boy you are always begging to sit and watch Mistress Onyx bathe. piggie, I know you want wank and watch Me bathe but all losers pay. losers humiliation and I know how to control you foot fetish freak. A loser gets turned on every minute by My toes, My soles, My perfect legs. All here to entice you and seduce you mr. piggy banks. My creamy sole makes you stroke your loser dick until you are just about to bust. Not yet loser, stroke slower. Watch the beads of water as they run down My naked skin. Those flashes of My gigantic tits put you over the edge. Loser! u are so pathetic. Bathrooms are one of the best places for Me to tease you with My legs tits and feet. Bathtubs are so erotic. My bathtub gets so much use. Bathroom porn for the bathing foot fetish freak each time I take a bath. My bathroom is always filled with the most wonderful bathing products. A few drops of Chanel No5 and just the right temperature water does it for Me. Bathes should be deep so that a Goddess can stretch out and relax. My other house has a jet tub . Mmmmmm jets…

I’ve always bathed in the most sensuous of baths. As you and I both know a bath can be so sexy. Especially when you have legs like mine. My perfect ebony feet tease and humiliate you. Every time I smile at you and laugh I’m manipulating you piggies. I have the most creamy ebony soles and they make losers pay so easily. you know blacks have that creamie light coloured sole. I know that during this bath clip you are going to want to lick My ebony soles. When I bathe you are worshipping a true ebony Goddess! Ebony foot fetish always makes you so weak. loser!!! I want you to jerk your tiny thing to me. A perfect ebony female providing you a visual mindfuck is what you are going to get here loser. pigs you might get a flash of My fantastic ebony ass. your chastity device is really going to hurt if you bust your nut right now. Bust your nut right now when you buy this clip. I know just how to control you with that feet fetish that you have. Feet toes, feet toes soles and My perfect legs and calves are going to drive you wild. you loser are going to wank to My perfect leg tease right now. Look at My ebony soapy tits. They are perfect. Soapy bubbles all over My soaped up boobies. Mmmm soapy bubbles turn Me right on. Look were I’m putting that soap loser. Booby..who uses a word like that? you do loser piggi. It’s always boob, boobies, boobs bouncing and tits. That’s why its so easy for My to train you loser. you had better get yourself a towel. you are going to need a few towels to to mop up that mess you’re going to make in your pants loser.

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