Thursday, 6 February 2014

Nail polish Finger painting Fetish

This is a lesson in what you should be doing for Me bitch. Watch as My beautiful hands with their long perfect fingers remove this nail enamel. My fingers are so long and perfect. Each finger is so delicate. You know the smell of the nail polish remover is intoxicating. It makes Me so light headed. I love the long strokes of the brush as it glides the enamel on. So sexy. Watch and learn and wan k to My beautiful nail polish application clip. 

So seductive of Me to paint My nails so so. I’m such a black bitch I know. I just enjoy teasing you with your sneaky fingernail and nail polish fetish. your the kind of guy who likes to pay for My manicures and then sit right beside Me as I choose the perfect enamel colour. I know you. Look at the close ups of My nails. Sexy and smooth. I change My nail polish almost everyday. I just cant help it. There are so many pretty colours. Learn exactly how I want My nails painted. From the first bottom clear coat then My favourite pink nail polish. 

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